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Why choose LEAP for your school’s English programme? 

LEAP Corporation provides customised academic English programmes to meet the needs of both International and Bilingual schools. We offer flexible learning programmes that you can integrate with your school’s day to day curriculum through different platforms such as weekend academies, after school enrichment programmes or as your weekly English curriculum. Why spend hours on lesson planning and curriculum design when we can provide you with a plug and play system that can be utilised from the get go? 

Which age groups are these programmes beneficial for? 

LEAP caters for the full learning journey: young learners, academic English for teenagers as well as young adults. This means that our courses are designed for all age groups ranging from 4 to 18. 

What makes our curriculum unique?

All our courses are structured specifically to the language proficiency level of the group with a strong emphasis on the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Not only do we help to develop students’ confidence in speaking and writing English in real-life situations, but we also provide them with the opportunity to develop reading and listening skills in authentic contexts. Students will be given the opportunity to consolidate and further develop grammar and vocabulary, enabling them to use new words and structures in their speaking and writing. At the end of each course they will have acquired the required proficiency level and the skills needed to access the relevant Cambridge English International Exam.

What are the benefits of following a structured, academic programme of study? 

Step by step progression in Academic English 

All our courses are linked to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference of Languages) aiming to improve English using a structured, step-by-step approach. 


Improve in all 4 English skills – An integrated approach 

All courses use an integrated skills approach wherein all four skills are taught simultaneously - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

What are the benefits of following a structured, academic programme of study?

Learn Vocabulary in Context 

Learn an impressive range of words from the AWL (Academic Word List) in context. 

A focus on Grammar to develop academic English  

Every level of the course targets a range of grammatical structures which enable students to speak and write English with confidence.

Study Abroad 

All our courses provide rigorous exam preparation through top tips and exposure to exam questions. 

What are the different levels and what do these mean?

All our courses are linked to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). These global language levels can be used to assess English proficiency at any age and stage of learning. To gain a better understanding of the CEFR watch the video: 'What is the CEFR' in the 'Our Curriculum' section at the top of this page.

How do our courses help students who plan to study or travel abroad?

A Cambridge English qualification is all you need to show you have the English language skills to succeed. A qualification at B2 or C1 level can open exciting pathways for students at thousands of reputable universities abroad. Students will be able to study at the university of their choice once they gain the language skills to be competent in these exams. Cambridge English exams are accepted as proof of language skills by organisations around the world.

How do we assist schools in setting up these programmes?

LEAP provides a complete plug and play system which means that no planning or preparation is required from your team. Teacher training is also provided as well as frequent consultations with our Director of Study to assess student performance and progress.

How do our courses maximise exam success if a school opts for external accreditation?

All our courses are designed using previous exam statistics which enables maximum exam success. Previous exam data can be provided upon request to confirm the high pass rates of students who engage in our programmes of study. 

For how long does a student or cohort study at a particular level?

Ideally, these are one year exam preparation courses which ensure proficiency at a particular level before embarking on the next level of study. 

How do we ensure that our assessments are valid?

All students are tested regularly using authentic past examination papers. Areas of development are addressed through these assessments and the consolidation of skills, vocabulary and grammar is achieved through this rigorous process. 

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